Sunday, August 14, 2011

Practice Schedule- Week of 8/15

Hi All,

Sorry this is late getting to you. I've been up in a place without internet all weekend!
Here is the practice schedule for the upcoming week. Some of the locations could change, but we will keep you all posted.

Monday, 8/15- OFF or active recovery

Tuesday, 8/16- Meet at Falmouth Community Park. 8-10AM.
Race- 1-1:15 Trail run, w/ skate bounds/spenst.  Core routinue.
Devo- :45-1 hour run, skate bounds/spenst and core.

Wednesday, 8/17- Meet at Highland Rd in Freeport (in between Flying Point and Pleasant Hill).  8-10AM.
Race- 1:30-1:45 Classic roll w/ ladders (90 sec/75/60/30 x 3).
Devo- 1:30 Classic roll w/ ladders (90/75/60/30 x 1).

Cool down soak in the Little River!

Thursday, 8/18- Meet at Bruce Hill Rd, Cumberland. 5:30-7:30PM.
Both groups- 5K Skate TT. Establish benchmark TT to be used throughout the season to gauge individual fitness.  Ultimate fighter core workout after.

Friday, 8/19- On your own. Do some sort of easy distance about 1 hour to 1.5.
Saturday, 8/20- On your own. Distance w/ natural intervals or 4x4 5k race pace.

Sunday, 8/21- TBD

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