Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wednesday  9/21/11     3-5 PM 

   We will meet at Rt. 100 and Long Hill Rd. (between West Cumberland and Gray)
    SK technique roller ski w/ focus on hilltop transitions and accelerating downhill.
   We will also do downhill intervals (low level) as part of the week's speed development.

Saturday   9/24/11   9-11 AM

     Please note the change in weekend days!! I am racing in the Vermont 50 MTB race on Sunday.
Highland Rd. in Freeport will be the meeting point (intersection with Running Hill Rd.)
We will CL ski over distance on the 10km loop, and will shoot for 20km total.
     Our strength work will be done on skis. Please bring high visibility clothing, and lots of water/fuel.

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