Thursday, March 12, 2009

3/12 Update

It's been a heck of a week out here. Pardon the lack of updates, we have one computer that works at the hotel. A tough week on the WIFI here. The conditions have been dreamy out here, the deepest and driest snow imaginable. Fours days before we arrived, 4 feet of snow fell on the place. No hints of ice or clouds out here.

With the dry snow, it'll heat up to 45 degrees during the day, it cools down to 15 at night. The trails get groomed and everything remains just as powdery and new as before, baffling. Monday was the sprint day, always a huge day for New England skiers. It was a 1 k sprint with a banked down-hill hairpin, a few rollers, and a steep uphill into the finish. Sam, Molly, and Adele all had great performances. Molly finished in the field, Sam moved into the quarter finals, and Adele finished 2end in the B final, putting her at 8th for the day.

Tuesday was a rest day. The altitude, 7k feet, really set in. Fatigue was eally becoming a factor. Rest days include, course previews, rest, and in the coaches case, a ton of waxing. Wednesday was the freestyle, a mass start event. The course featured many uphills and Tahoe's version of the Gloucester Hill corkscrew, the Black Hole. With so many skiers with similar abilites, there were hughe packs of racers. With packs come crashes. The J2 girls and OJ boys from New England ruled their races and have kept NE in a good positin for the overall lead. On the MCN front, Adele tied for 7th, Sam finsihed 30th, and Molly finished 36th. For Molly, this was probably her best race of the season, beating many Eastern Cup competitors that she had never beaten.

It's been a great week, we have two more days of racing on Fri and Sat. It's a beautifule place out here. I understand why people are willing to live in a place with fires, earthquakes, and landslides.

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