Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome back

Hi Everyone,
Welcome back to another summer of training and fun on the Maine Coast! Thank you to all who attended the meeting this past Monday it was great to meet all of you. I can't wait to spend some more time together and put some faces to all those names and email addresses I received. To those people who could not make it but are still interested in the summer, fall, or winter program please feel free to contact me and we can go from there.

I am hoping that in the future we can use the blog as well as email to stay in contact about practice, races, and all the exciting stuff that is going on! Just to get everyone on the same page I am sending out the proposed training schedule for the summer.

Summer 2009 Training Schedule:
The first practice is set for Sunday June 28th, since we typically have Mondays and Saturdays off from team training throughout the summer.

6/28 Sunday- 8:00 to 9:30AM
6/29 Monday- Off
6/30 Tuesday- 4:30-6:00PM
7/1 Wednesday- 7:00-8:30AM
7/2 Thursday- 7:00-8:30AM
7/3 Friday- 7:00-8:30AM

We will be off from Friday July 3rd till Tuesday July 7th, for the July forth weekend. After that the schedule will run 5 days a week through the rest of the summer. Hope this plan works for most of you with work and busy lives. Please feel free to email me with comments or skier's work commitments. I have some flexibility so nothing is set in stone. 

Once again thanks and let's hope for some better weather this weekend and this whole summer for that matter!

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