Monday, July 20, 2009

Training schedule July 20-26th

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a good weekend with me away. By that I mean that you had a lot of fun, got in some good training, and enjoyed the nice weather. 
Just a quick note, we are trying to collect all the NENSA insurance forms so if you have not already filled it out and handed it into me please do so ASAP. I know who still needs to get it to me so bring that in tomorrow. If you need another copy let me know. Also most people doing the summer program have paid, if you are doing it and have not paid yet please bring me a check for $400 so we can get that all settled.

Also as far as the training camp goes we are still going to try for July 27th through the 30th. Ted and Molly have been kind enough to offer us their place on Rangeley Lake to stay at!  There are a few people that said they can't do it at that time unfortunately, but otherwise it looks pretty good. We can talk about more at practice tomorrow, so please parents and skiers look at your calenders tonight and let me know your schedules tomorrow afternoon or by email.

The training plan for 7/20-7/26 is as follows:

Monday - Off

Tuesday - 5:30PM - 6:30PM
Classic Double Pole Roller ski (work those arms) Meet at Twin Brooks

Wednesday - 7:00-8:30AM
Run and Hike (bring poles and $5 for the entry fee) Meet at Bradbury Mountain, we will get to the top this time.

Thursday - 7:30-8:45AM
Skate Roller Ski (Meeting place yet to be decided so check back to the blog)

Friday - 7:30-8:45AM
Classic Roller Ski (Meeting place yet to be decided so check back to the blog)

Saturday - Off but try and get out and do something fun on your own.

Sunday - 8:30-10:00AM
Hike with some running (Meeting place yet to be decided so check back to the blog)

Sorry about the (Meeting place yet to be decided so check back to the blog) note but I am trying to talk with people and find some fun places for us all to go and train.  So make sure to check back to the blog and I will send out an email when it gets decided on.
So just remember to check dates for the camp, fill out NENSA forms, pay the summer fee, and have fun!


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