Thursday, December 16, 2010

Training 12/20-12/26

Hi Team,

It is cold now all we need is some precipitation!
Here is the training plan for next week.

12/20 Monday 3:15-4:15PM- Classic Roller Ski at Pineland
12/21 Tuesday- School Team practice or off.
12/22 Wednesday- Level 3 skate workout. 5 minutes on 5 minutes off. 3-4 times. Total time 1:30
12/23 Thursday- Run for 45 minutes and Strength
12/24 Friday- Ski level 4. 3 minutes on 2 minutes off.  Total time 1:15
12/25 Saturday- Christmas, Family walk, jog or ski.
12/26 Sunday- 2+ hour Level 1 ski.

Have a great week and Happy Holidays to all of you.


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