Thursday, January 13, 2011

Training 1/17/11 - 1/23/11

Hi team,

Hope you all enjoyed the snow day on Wednesday and were able to get out on your ski. Katrina and I did a tour de Portland! This weekend I hope you all get out and get in some good skiing! The plan for next week is as follows.

1/17 Monday- Twinbrooks Race so no MCN. Make sure to get a good warm up in and cool down.
1/18 Tuesday- Easy distance ski Total 1:00 and core strength.
1/19 Wednesday- Level 3 intervals, 3 minutes on 2 minutes off. 4-5 times.
1/20 Thursday- Off
1/21 Friday- Easy ski with pickups. 15 seconds on and 45 seconds off. 5-7 times
1/22 Saturday- I think some of the schools have a race. If not try and get in a level 4 workout. 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off. 3-4 times. Total 1:30
1/23 Sunday- Long Level 1 classic Ski. 2 hours.

Note if you are racing on Monday and Saturday you can do shorter level 3 intervals on Wednesday. Your off day can be flexible depending on your school team's training schedule. Have a good week.


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