Thursday, February 3, 2011

Training 2/7/11 - 2/13/11

Hi Team,

I want to send out "get well soon wishes to Tara" who had her appendix rupture and will have to be off her skis for a while. Always tough especially when in the middle of the race season.
The training for next week is below:

2/7 Monday- 3:15-4:30PM Meet at Pineland Outdoor Center for an easy classic ski. Total 1:15
2/8 Tuesday- Skate for 1:15 hour. Easy with pickups. 15 seconds on and 45 seconds off. 6-8 times.
2/9 Wednesday- WMC Race? Total 1:30
2/10 Thursday- Strength and short easy jog or ski. Total :45
2/11 Friday- Off
2/12 Saturday- WMC Race? Total 1:30
2/13 Sunday- 2 hour level 1 classic or skate ski.
Total for the week is 8:45

On a better note hope you are all enjoying the new snow and be careful not to step off the tracks you might lose your ski!


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Tara Humphries said...

thank you for your nice note! I am finally home and starting the recovery process. Got skiing on the mind. Enjoy the new snow and keep racing fast! Thinking of the team, Tara

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