Friday, August 5, 2011

Sunday, 8/7 Practice

Hi Team-

Sorry this information is late getting out to you all. Practice this Sunday (8/7) will be a classic roll, run, and swim combo!
We will meet at the Falmouth Town Landing Parking Lot on rte. 88 (right across from the store).  Try to be there by 8:45AM as we will start skiing by 9AM.  The workout will consist of a roll down 88 to Mackworth Island, where we will lace up the running shoes and do a lap or two on the trails, followed by a dip and an easy roll back up 88. Total time will be about 2 hours. We should be done by 11:15 or so. 

Please bring your classic roller ski gear, running sneakers, and a small backpack if
you have one.  Next week's schedule is still in getting worked out. We'll post as soon as we have workouts and locations decide.

See you Sunday!

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